Piornos, acorns and wild boars

Piornos, acorns and wild boars

In the picture we see a set of three piornos together. There are many types, but they share the characteristics of not being very tall and growing in a rounded shape.
In fact, the natural regeneration of the holm oaks in this area takes place precisely within the pines, and imitating the natural regeneration, we look for a way of sowing the acorns between them to protect them.
The pink cone indicates that there is a sowing done there, that the acorn will be born and will spend the summer with all the shade that this bush provides (it will help it the first 2-3 years) and the hypothesis is that it will act as a nurse at the beginning, and then the holm oak stem will come out on top, and it will thrive.
Time will tell!

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