Get to know our team

We divide Semillistas into two categories: the team and its collaborators, depending on the degree of involvement. In this way we can accommodate people with different possibilities of participation and vital situations within our project.

Team members

Daniel Calatayud

Project and SeedLab Director
Seed Researcher

Seed researcher-project coordinator. Passionate about seeds. Both the seeds that are sown in the earth and those that we sow within ourselves and within our culture. Multidisciplinary knowledge, engineer and a divergent mind.

Patricia Cañas Rios

Project Coordinator
Networking and Fundraising

Project Coordinator Diploma in Social Work, Technician in SocioCultural Animation. She has worked for more than 15 years in the Management of NGOs, social, environmental and volunteer work organisations (local and international): ARCI Chieti-Italia, Acudim, Sunseed, Cultura de la Tierra, among others. Specialised in the Design of sustainable collective projects. Yoga teacher. Putting the heart and mind at the service of the Earth and people.

Liselotte Wuite

Sowing and volunteering coordinator

Sowing and volunteering coordinator – Lives by the ethics of permaculture. Degree in Anthropology and Ecology. She has life and work experience in various communities, educational projects, and ecovillages, including: Sunseed Desert Technology and Baile en el Aire. She teaches Permaculture Design Certificate courses and social permaculture courses, among others. Finishing her Diploma with Gaia University in ecosocial regenerative cultures.

Audrey Amigo Dguez.

Human Health Team

Health Care Team – Gestalt Art Therapist with lines towards childhood, works with the Enneagram and towards the transpersonal sphere. Chiromassage. Elementary school teacher. Actress and singer. Mother

Matilde Rodriguez

Planting team and volunteering

Sowing and volunteer coordinator – Trained in Environmental Education in France: pedagogy and accompaniment of different types of audiences, naturalism and hiking (mid-mountain). Activist in CEMEA Pays de la Loire Association of Popular Education. Companion in an asoc. of parents of respectful and free education, among several families in the Alpujarras.

Susana Cembellín

Human Health Team

Health Team – Gestalt Therapist for adults, process and group therapy in gestalt and gestalt therapy focused on the search for enlightenment (Atman Gestalt Center, Montevideo), expert in family therapy in systemic model psychiatry (UCM), Graduate in social and cultural anthropology (UCM) and diploma in social education (UAH).

Araceli Lizana

Laboratory technician

I work as a laboratory technician and seed pelleting. Graduate in psychology, gardener, and craftswoman. Upbring and respectful accompaniment for children. 

Sergio Perez


I studied Architecture at the University of Alicante. After graduating I emigrated to Mexico where I worked for 5 years in an architecture office in Chiapas. Upon my return I collaborated for 2 years with “Dronecoria” (reforestation with drones) in design tasks and Open Source documentation. There I met Semillistas where I am currently working.

Juanjo Castillo

Local Coordinator - Órgiva

Coordination with Órgiva – Organic farmer. Organizes, works and collaborates with groups of environmental volunteers in the reforestation of the municipality of Órgiva.

Chelo Castillo

Planting team and volunteering

Accredited mountain guide, with more than 25 years of experience in leading groups in the mountains. Guide to Environmental Education and Landscape Interpretation. Extensive experience in program design, volunteering and group activities in the natural environment. Nature in general, in its optimal state, delights the senses and attracts good health.

Piotr Jankowski

Water management

Water Management – ​​PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Bristol. Since 2013, he has been dedicated to the sustainable management of water resources. His areas of interest and professional activity include biological pools, ecological wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting and water purification. He is a member of the Iberian Group of Naturalized Bathing Waters (GIABN), and trustee of Sunseed Desert Technology.

Amit Jakubowicz

Programming - Software Engineer & Permaculturist

Programming- Software Engineer and Permaculturist. I have always loved the complex world of plants, but I am also fascinated by technology. For me, developing sustainable ecosystems through the patterns that nature shows us is a challenge and a privilege.

Nastassia Pumori

Human Health Team

Health Team – Organizer, coordinator and therapist at the Yamuna Health retreats at the Fuente Capilerilla Hotel. Long experience in organising projects and events: Brussels Tourist Office, Itinéraires Cultural Visits Association, Baile en el Aire. Therapist specialised in Zen Shiatsu massage. Supports the search for an integral balance of health, physical and emotional, through therapeutic accompaniment: Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine and Auriculotherapy.

Planters team

Since October 2022 we have created a team of planters who carry out the reforestation plantings in Sierra Lujar. They are 10 local people from the Alpujarras with a passion for the mountains and caring for nature. With diverse studies and experiences, they have also been trained by Semillistas to work with seeds and reforestation plantings. They are: Maria, Eneko, Jose Carlos, Matilde, Goyo, Guiomar, Johann, William; Coordinated by Chelo and Liselotte “Lizzie”.


David Calatayud

Programmer and electronics

Antonio Espinosa

Programmer and electronics

Lazaro Muñoz

Holohomeopathy of ecosystems

Jorge Castro

Forest restoration academic

Elise S. Gornish

Forest restoration academic

Carles Pons

Forest Scientist

Alejandro Sotos

Ethical sales

Miriam Muñoz-Rojas

Academic forest restoration

Christine Fisher

Forest Scientist