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The seed harvest days and the sowing days of our SiembraBosques project can only be carried out with the collaboration of dozens of volunteers who contribute their time and energy.

If you live in the province of Granada, and you want to participate, we recommend that you pay attention to our events section.

To not miss any opportunity you can follow us through different means.

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In all activities you will have insurance that covers volunteers and civil liability. The activities are usually spread over the year as follows:


Seed harvesting days


Sowing days, Saturdays or Sundays.

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We will invest the money that you send us in the purchase of material, in research with seeds, development of the sowing methodology and in re-greening our Mediterranean ecosystems. With your donation you not only make it possible for more trees to be born, but you also make it possible for more people, in more places, to learn to plant forests.


If you are a company wanting to collaborate with us we have various ways in which you can contribute.

Propose team building days with an environmental purpose

We organise tailor-made days in which, accompanied by our team, you can enjoy: nature walks, reforestation activities, learn about the natural environment and ecology and much more.

Gift trees to your employees

Collaborate in the planting of trees with a personalized donation per employee, doubling the donation that each employee wants to make, linking donations to compliance with good practices within the company, etc. We have different possibilities for you to choose the one that best suits you.

Purchase of carbon credits

Seed growers, with the support of Fundación Tierra Pura, are in the process of being certified as a carbon dioxide absorption project, in order to be able to issue carbon credits for some of the reforested areas. If you are a company and want to offset your CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits, contact us.