Although there is still soil loss, there is also a good regeneration (average) Some areas have more vegetation than others. There is still an area where nothing is growing, perhaps due to the soil being washed away by the sporadic rains. The "resprouting" species (esparto grass, mastic, junipers, kermes oaks...) are growing well from the roots.
Last weekend we took part in several events with the Semillistas stand. Lizzie, Audrey and Chloe were at the Sulayr Festival in Pampaneira. Patri and Sergio were with the Semillistas stand at the Enraizarte permaculture festival in Peñascosa, Albacete.
We tell you more about the sowing we do in the Sierra de Los Guajares. At the end of January we sowed orthodox seeds (small seeds) of mastic, aladern, carob and broom. The success of these sowings has been scarce, only a few seedlings have come to life.