"The most important thing is to know the right time to sow".

We have created a laboratory for the study of seed biotechnology in the town of Pitres (Alpujarra Granada, Spain). In the methodology we are creating, we combine the observation of natural regeneration processes with academic knowledge of seed technologies (priming & pelleting).


To make a viable and efficient methodology for no-tillage forestry adapted to the Mediterranean ecosystem that uses the new knowledge on seed biotechnology, and that can be easily adapted to any ecosystem on the planet.

That this methodology can be replicated by any small organization dedicated to reforestation. We face this from a position of free knowledge, our developments are Open Source and our technology is low cost.


Priming treatments ensure that seeds that would take years to germinate can do so with a single rain, something essential in arid areas. This is achieved by eliminating dormancy and subjecting the seeds to different environmental conditions.


Pelleting is based on coating the seeds with various materials to introduce nutrients, repellents, bacteria/mycorrhizal fungi, water retainers, etc. This is necessary for any surface planting, otherwise establishment rates are too low.


Mycorrhizal fungal spores can be included in the pelleting process. So that the plant and the fungus can start their symbiotic relationship as soon as possible. This increases the growth vigor of the plant and its resistance.

Laboratory treated seeds
+ 100000
Germination studies of native species
Hydropriming studies of native species
Low Tech Laboratory Equipment Prototypes Developed

Discover and learn the secrets of wild, agricultural and fruit tree seeds.


In this manual we present a methodology to help Mediterranean restoration projects to find solutions to make possible the direct seeding of acorns with guarantees and success. We also provide our experience in a series of aspects that we consider essential for the implementation of a restoration project by small and medium organizations.

The Seed Pelleting Machine (SPM), is a device created under the DIY (Do It Yourself) and Open Source philosophy to enable seed pelleting on a small to medium scale.

The current study deals with the study of priming treatments of 10 forest species from south-eastern Spain: juniperus phoenicea, pinus halepensis, arbutus unedo, digital obscura, daphne gnidium, genista umbellata, genista spartioides, lavandula stoechas, lavandula latifolia and rumex scutatus.