"We don't want to plant millions of trees. We want thousands of organisations to be able to plant millions of trees".

Our main planning for the next 5 years involves the dissemination and replication of our methodology throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Our two initial projects (SeedLab and SiembraBosques) continue with their own objectives, but dedicate part of their energies to being able to make this leap in scale.

At Semillistas, we have felt the interest aroused by what we do in nearby initiatives with which we are related. The time has come for us to learn to transmit knowledge, weave networks, and for seeds to germinate in other latitudes.

The following infographic serves as a synopsis of planning for the next 5 years, the long-term future, and the resources we need to face it.

Do you want to join us?

If you are an association, initiative, university, cooperative, or any other type of group of people… and you are interested in what we do and want to learn how to do it. Contact us and let’s talk.