Experimental sowings at La Cumbre

Experimental sowings at La Cumbre

Three members of Semillistas were on the summit of Sierra Lújar planting Pinus nigra (with and without priming treatment) and acorns with protectors.
Just before it rained, and they also wanted to continue with the study of how long the sowing schedules can be extended for different species at an altitude of more than 1600 m with the possibility of surviving the summer.
The acorns have the compostable seed shelters that we saw in the previous post (to protect them from rodents), but we are also fine-tuning how to put them inside the piornos, as nurseries.
The piornos are plant structures that wild boars do not usually pick up with their snouts, as they prick them. This technique would make it possible to sow on any summit in the Mediterraneanbasin, where we usually find these plants.
On the other hand, we are monitoring with cones of different colours, geolocation, etc, to generate valuable information for seed growers and those who also want to put it into practice.

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