Seeds after harvested…

Seeds after harvested…

Now that sowing campaign is finish we have time to show other things that we do. That is from last Autumn/Winter, and it’s about after the seed harvesting, the processing for storage and use.

When sowing, it’s not all acorns. Since the local ecosystem is to be encouraged to regenerate, seeds are harvested from the healthiest specimens, and processed for experiments and field interventions.

Ideally, plants and shrubs at different heights, with different requirements and ecosystem functions, should be available.

Seeds should be harvested from the area closest to where the planting is to be done, so that the genetics are adapted to the site, among other reasons.

Sometimes they have to be dried, sometimes the mesocarp has to be removed, sometimes they are ready for storage. But in short, it’s the mess you can see in the photo!!

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