Success of acorns sown 4 years ago

Success of acorns sown 4 years ago

In the picture you have a beautiful Andalusian oak, also known as gall oak (Quercus faginea). It is the type of oak we have in the south together with Quercus pyrenaica.
Four years ago they were planted in Alcoy (Alicante) together with Quercus ilex, under pine forests that are very high and end up falling naturally, for example, with the weight of the snow. These oaks will grow slowly in the shade, and when the pines fall, they will occupy that niche, making it difficult for the pine forests to proliferate.
This is a way of accelerating the process of natural succession, which in conditions could take at least 300 years or more.
Daniel Calatayud has gone to monitor the state of the plantations and they are healthy. Because sowing trees works!

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