September sowing trials on piornos in September

September sowing trials on piornos in September

The images are from the tests carried out in September in relation to the sowings between the piornos that we mentioned.
In the first one, we can see the holm oak growing, which has not had the pleasure of meeting the wild boars.
The next photo is of a test with another protector consisting of a PLA cup (compostable modified starch, used in 3D printing for biodegradable cutlery) which we have perforated at the bottom so that the root can come out, and the stem takes advantage of the hole in the straw to grow.
These experiments must be kept up in the long term, as we are in a period of “abundance” for wildlife thanks to the past rains. In such a scenario, one should not risk pricking one’s snout for an acorn! We don’t know if there were any rodents or wild boars in the area either… But for the moment, the balance is clearly positive 😊
We keep looking for, testing and sharing cheap, environmentally friendly and compatible with the logistics of high mountain sowing. We hope it will be useful for you too!

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